Features of Belarusian potatoes of the Manifest variety

Features of Belarusian potatoes of the Manifest variety

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The Manifest potato was bred by the breeders from the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for potato and fruit and vegetable growing and is included in the Russian State Register for the North-West and Central Cultural Areas. Description given by the originator of this variety. Manifesto potatoes, like other varieties of Belarusian potatoes, in a short time became popular with Russian vegetable growers.

Morphological characteristics of the Manifesto variety

Belarusian potato "Manifesto" is a mid-early table variety. In the mid-early group, this variety turned out to be the most productive, and the volume of harvested root crops for three years of testing exceeded the standards of the most indicative potato varieties from the Belarusian selection by 118 kg / ha. Parameters of marketable productivity of this new variety are 410 kg / ha.

Bushes of this variety are medium in height or relatively high. The plant is characterized by an intermediate type of growth and occupies a semi-upright position. Leaves on medium sized potato bushes, open, intense green. The flowers are blue-violet. The waviness of the leaf margin is relatively weak. The inside of the corolla has a low intensity of anthocyanin staining.

Economic and biological characteristics and description

The root vegetables of the Manifesto potato are elongated-oval, with small eyes. Thick peel of root crops of red color. The pulp is light yellow. The average weight of marketable root vegetables can vary from 105 to 135 g. The starch content in the tuber is 13-15%. The taste of the root of this variety is excellent. Marketability reaches 79-97%. The standard keeping rate of the harvested crop is about 94%.

The particular value of this variety is its increased resistance to the pathogen of potato cancer and immunity to such a pathogen as the golden potato cyst-forming nematode. According to the description of the originator, the variety has medium resistance to late blight pathogen, and also has high resistance to damage by a wrinkled banded mosaic and twisting of leaves. In addition, there is a very early tuberization, high resistance to various mechanical damaging factors and good drought tolerance.

How to grow potatoes from seeds

Planting potatoes

Manifesto potatoes begin to be planted only after the temperature index of the soil at a depth of 10 cm is at least +8 ° C. Planting planting material in colder soil very often provokes the defeat of potato sprouts by a disease such as rhizoctonia. but a delay in planting potatoes for a week causes a crop shortage of about 7-8%.

When planting prepared planting material, potato tubers should be placed with the same depth as possible, which favorably affects the uniformity of seedlings. Under planted tubers, it is required to leave loose soil. Optimum lighting performance is achieved by placing potato bushes at the same distance.

Care Features

The Manifesto variety is easy to grow. With the height of the tops of 15-18 cm, it is necessary to carry out deep cultivation and hilling. The following similar procedure is performed two weeks later. Inter-row processing of potato plantings should be completed after closing the tops. At the vegetation stage, three weeding measures or the use of modern herbicides may be required.

Such a vegetable crop as potato is able to remove a significant amount of nutrients from the soil, which requires replenishment of the level of fertility by introducing organic matter and mineral components. Organics in the form of rotted manure improves plant nutrition, and also increases the friability of the soil and improves its structure. The use of bird droppings instead of manure diluted with water gives a good effect.

Watering is carried out as needed. When calculating the volume of irrigation measures, it is necessary to take into account the qualitative composition of the soil, the amount of precipitation and temperature indicators. Potatoes respond well to rare, but quite plentiful irrigation, which are especially important in the flowering phase of plants.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Potato Manifesto has positive reviews. Root crops have not only excellent taste, but also perfectly preserved for a long time. The digestibility indices of this grade correspond to type AB.

Potato: growing and care

Potato growers recommend maintaining the harvested crop at a temperature of 3-5 ° C and air humidity levels of 90%. According to reviews of vegetable growers, the variety is suitable for cultivation on light and medium soils in terms of particle size distribution. This potato is very responsive to intensive cultivation, but retains a decent yield and with strict observance of agricultural technology.