White strawberry: popular varieties and reviews of summer residents

White strawberry: popular varieties and reviews of summer residents

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Strawberries, or garden strawberries, are always associated with red berries - juicy and sweet. But thanks to the achievements of modern selection, this stereotype can be called obsolete. Varieties of strawberries with white berries are bred in different countries, which bypassed the taste of traditional red-fruited varieties of this berry.

Selection history

Unusually colored strawberries appeared in Europe almost three centuries ago. This phenomenon was known for the crossing of two varieties of wild strawberries, grown on the American continent. These were the southern Chilean white berry and the northern Virginian.

But by the beginning of this century, these berries have almost disappeared. Thanks to the efforts of a group of farmers from Holland who did not allow this to happen, a hybrid strawberry was recreated several years ago. “Pineberry” is a white strawberry with pineapple flavor. A special merit in this belongs to Hans de Jong.

The German-published publication on the appearance of Ananaserdbeeren, a pineapple strawberry, was considered an April Fools' joke. But when this gimmick went on sale in the UK thanks to Vital Berry BV, doubts were dispelled.

Over the following years, new varieties of white berries with excellent taste and good characteristics - winter hardiness, drought resistance, and immunity to many specific infections and others - were bred in England, Holland, Japan and France. But due to the high cost of planting material, these varieties are not yet very common. They are just beginning to be introduced into domestic gardening.

White Strawberry: Growing

General characteristics of white-fruited garden strawberries

What is the phenomenon of white strawberries? For the coloring of the red strawberry varieties familiar to the eye, a special protein Fra a1 (Fragaria allergen 1) is responsible. Thanks to numerous studies of this berry, it was found that it is this “dye” protein that sometimes causes allergic reactions to it.

White strawberries are genetically different from strawberries with red berries only in the absence of the above component. Its unripe (green) fruits, ripening, turn white. True, on some of their varieties, due to the insignificant presence of the coloring protein, a subtle blush appears that decorates them very much.

It is the absence of this component in these varieties of garden strawberries that makes them not only unique in color, but also completely safe for people suffering from rare types of allergies.

The berries of white-fruited garden strawberries are smaller than those of red-fruited ones. The only exception is the White Swede variety, the fruits of which weigh up to 25 grams and even more.

Their color is snow-white, creamy white, white-yellow. In many ways, this impression is created by the color of the ripened seeds with which the berries are strewn. They can be bright red (“Pineberry”, “White Swede”, “Anablanca”) or yellow (“White Swan”, “Yellow Wonder”). The shape of the fruit is also different - conical, oblong, round.

The taste of these berries is unusual, delicate, combining a variety of notes of wild strawberries, pineapple, mulberry and even linden honey. They are both sweet and slightly sour, combining a whole range of diverse taste shades. Due to the fact that these fruits are very tender, they can not be transported over long distances and stored for a long time.

The bushes of this strawberry are mostly compact, which allows them to grow even in small areas. True, yields of some varieties are low, and the berries are very small ("pineberry"). But they are famous for their unpretentiousness and a rare aroma and taste.

Benefits of White Garden Strawberries

Although white strawberry is still not very well known to many gardeners, it has a number of excellent qualities that will help in its popularization. The benefits of white garden strawberries are as follows:

  • lack of contraindications in its use;
  • extraordinary taste and aroma;
  • can be grown in an environmentally friendly form, without the use of chemistry;
  • white berries do not attract birds, do not peck with them;
  • tolerates heat and cold with minimal care;
  • You can get good crops in small areas;
  • shows high resistance to many specific diseases;
  • most varieties have repair properties;
  • they are very fond of children.

White Strawberries

White strawberries interested breeders, who over the past few years have bred about a dozen of its varieties. So far, they treat her as a costly exotica, capable of only surprising with its unusual appearance and peculiar taste, outlandish table decoration.

But the French, Dutch, Japanese, and presented high-yielding varieties of berries that can be grown on an industrial scale. For example, from one bush of the Dutch variety "White Soul", ripening in greenhouses from early spring to frost, you can collect about 0.5 kg of fruit. A brief description of some varieties of white strawberries can be found in the table.

Grade nameSelection CountryGrade AdvantagesBush characteristicFruit characterization
White SwanJapanRemontant, beardless, high-yieldingHeight - 15-20 cm, compactMedium size, weight - 2.5-4 g, snow-white with the taste of linden honey
White LotusJapanRemontantHeight - 15-20 cm, compactSmall, white-yellow, oblong, taste - dessert
Yellow miracleHollandRemontantHeight - 20-25 cm, looseMedium (4-5 g), sweet, yellowish
PineberryHollandLow-yielding, but unpretentious and resistant to diseaseHeight - 20-25 cm, compactSmall, weight - 1.5-2.5 g, taste - pineapple
White swedeunknownDrought and cold tolerance, medium ripeningSquat, compact, semi-spreadingLarge, weight up to 25 g and above, conical shape, sweet and sour taste with a touch of mulberry and pineapple
White soulHollandRepairing, high-yieldingCompact, height - 15-20 cmCreamy white, small, hypoallergenic, with pineapple flavor
AnablancaFranceWith warm autumn, remontance, high-yieldingCompactPale pink, sweet, with pineapple flavor, weight - 5-8 g

Reviews of summer residents

New varieties of garden strawberries have recently appeared in domestic amateur gardeners. But these pioneers mark strawberries with white berries as very promising. For example, variety "White Swede" winters well even in the conditions of the Tyumen region.

Summer residents also like the fact that rare strawberries do not differ in any way from ordinary varieties, tolerates dry summers, and with minimal watering gives a good harvest. Her berries are very tasty, sweet, kids love them. For propagation of white strawberries, rooting of mustaches in small plastic containers is well suited, followed by their separation from the mother bush.

Anablanca: features of the variety

White strawberry is a new word in the selection of berry crops. Although it is mostly medium-sized, it is very tasty and fragrant. This berry can be enjoyed for 2-3 months, and in greenhouses it is harvested for almost six months. Gardeners who love exotic plants, she liked. After all, caring for plants is simple, and the pleasure of the result is huge.