Potato "Uladar" - a novelty of the Belarusian selection

Potato "Uladar" - a novelty of the Belarusian selection

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Potato "Uladar" was bred by breeders of Belarus, but the description of the variety and the tubers themselves have already managed to get positive feedback on the territory of our country, as well as Ukraine and Moldova.

Variety selection history

The originator of the potato variety called "Uladar" is the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Potato and Horticulture". The authors of this variety were I. Kolyadka, L. Vologdin, V. Makhanko and G. Piskun. The variety was included in 2008 in the State Register for cultivation in the Central region. This variety showed excellent qualities and is zoned for cultivation in Brest, Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Grodno and Minsk regions.

Grade description

Variety "Uladar" early ripe. The period from seedlings to technical maturity varies from 70 to 75 days. Bushes of medium height, intermediate type, semi-upright, have medium-sized leaves, pronounced green color. The chemical composition of the tubers is as follows:

  • starch not more than 12.5%;
  • the amount of dry matter at the level of 19.5%;
  • the volume of reducing sugars is about 0.42%.

Inflorescences on medium-sized plants, red-violet in color, having anthocyanin color on the inside. Matured tubers have a round-oval shape with a pronounced smooth surface. The peel is yellow and the flesh is light yellow in color. The average weight of one tuber is 130 g. Tasting assessment of taste - seven points.

Potato: care and cultivation

Advantages and disadvantages

The Uladar potato variety has the following quality characteristics that set it apart from other varieties of this popular root crop:

  • getting an excellent harvest early;
  • total average productivity reaches 350 c / g;
  • flat, oval-round shape of potatoes;
  • excellent commercial qualities of tubers;
  • good taste indicators of potatoes;
  • table appointment of tubers;
  • indicators of keeping quality at the level of 94%;
  • resistance to most mechanical damage;
  • resistance to the causative agent of potato cancer, golden cyst-forming nematode of potato, to wrinkled and banded mosaic;
  • yield indicators of marketable potato tubers of the Uladar variety reach 94% of the total harvest.

The only negative factor is the high susceptibility of potato plantings in some areas to the Colorado potato beetle, from which plants can be protected with the help of modern means "Mospilan" or "Aktara".

Dates and features of landing

When cultivating the Uladar cultivar on light sandy and sandy loamy soils, the planting of germinated and processed planting material begins simultaneously with the sowing of early grains. On heavy and loamy soils, the planting dates for Uladar potatoes are shifted, and planting is carried out five days later.When planting and subsequent care for potatoes, remember:

  • The early planting of Uladar potato tubers in areas with sufficient moisture is carried out with a depth of not more than 5-6 cm. The use of combed planting in leveled areas involves the deepening of potato tubers that have been prepared by 7-8 cm. In areas with insufficient Moisture should use a burial of tubers 12-13 cm.

  • Standard schemes for planting potatoes: 700x200, 700x250, 700x300, 600x250, 600x300 and 600x350 mm. Potato plantings should be kept as clean as possible, conducting timely weeding. During the growing season, it is necessary to carry out two harrows and the same number of inter-row treatments.

It is important to maintain the soil in a stable, loose state until harvesting.

  • Irrigation potato irrigation is normalized depending on the type and condition of the soil.
  • If necessary, during the season, several treatments of planting from the main pests are carried out.
  • Harvesting early-ripening potato varieties "Uladar" is carried out at the phase of the presence of green tops, which allows you to collect the maximum number of high-quality and suitable for storage tubers. A very convenient container for harvested potatoes is considered to be standard mesh bags in which tubers are well ventilated.

Reviews gardeners

The culinary grade "Uladar" attracts many with its excellent taste, which the tubers retain not only in soups, but also in fried form. Due to early ripeness and external attractiveness, the Uladar potato variety is very popular among buyers and is often grown by gardeners for sale. The variety is characterized by most summer residents and small farmers as absolutely hassle-free. It grows on any type of soil. Variety "Uladar" is translated into Russian as "Lord", which largely determines the qualitative characteristics of this variety. It has already been noted that potatoes of this variety are first of all very demanding on the quantitative composition of nitrogen in the soil, and only then on phosphorus. It is recommended in the second half of the growing season to feed the plant with potassium.

How to grow potatoes in a bag

This variety, subject to all the rules of agricultural technology in the southern regions of our country, can produce a fairly high crop twice a year, and it is Uladar that can be safely recommended for cultivation as an early ripe variety.