Carrot Jam: Cooking Options for a Healthy Dainty

Carrot Jam: Cooking Options for a Healthy Dainty

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Jam is one of the most common types of homemade preserves. It is mainly prepared from various fruits and berries. It is interesting to learn how to make jam from some vegetables, because in this case it can be quite difficult to guess which fruit was used as the basis of the dessert. Carrots, which contain about the same amount of sugar as strawberries, are one of the most successful vegetables for such an experiment.

Preparation and selection of carrots

For jam, choose orange and sweet varieties of carrots: Nantes, Karotel, Moscow Winter, etc. It should be homogeneous, medium in size, with a not too large core. Such a carrot is the sweetest, because the core is often bitter.

It is advisable to peel vegetables on the day of collection from the site, remove damaged and greened parts. Then rinse with running water. They should not be kept in water for a long time, otherwise Vitamin C will also be partially washed out.

You can cook it whole, or you can cut it into circles, and then cook. It is important that the root crop remains solid enough after cooking. Otherwise, cutting it into figures in the form of hearts, rhombuses, triangles, etc., which will look advantageous in the finished product, will fail.

How to make carrot jam

Popular recipes

There are many interesting recipes for cooking carrot jam. First of all, you need to start with the simplest - the classic.

Classic recipe

Here, for 1 kg of carrots, you need to take a little more than a kilogram of sugar, a little vanillin and citric acid. Jam is cooked like this:

  • syrup is prepared from a kilogram of sugar and one and a half glasses of water;
  • it boils carrots for 5 minutes;
  • then she insists there for 8 hours;
  • another glass of sugar is added to the syrup and everything is boiled so that the mass thickens. And carrot slices at the same time become transparent;
  • after all, vanillin and citric acid are added to the dessert.

With apples

Here the following proportions are observed: 3 parts of apples, 2 parts of carrots, 3 parts of sugar, 1 part of lemon.

Cooking sequence:

  • cut the washed apples into slices;
  • grate carrots;
  • mix these ingredients with sugar and let them brew for an hour;
  • then add diced washed lemons with skin;
  • bring it all to a boil and cook until done for about an hour;
  • then lay the product in sterile jars, which should be rolled up.

With lemon and candied orange

In this case, you need half a kilogram of boiled carrots, half a glass of candied orange, three times as much water, the juice of one lemon and 3 cups of sugar. First, the syrup is cooked for 5 minutes, all the other ingredients are added to it, and the cooking process continues for another half hour.

With cinnamon, ginger

This preparation can be used as an independent dessert and as a filling for pies. In a bread maker in the "jam" mode, such a dessert is cooked for about an hour. Ingredients: half a kilogram of carrots, as much sugar, 1 orange, 1 lemon, cinnamon, medium-sized ginger root, you can add a little star anise and cardamom.

Cooking Technology:

  • peeled carrots are crushed. You can also use meal after making carrot juice;
  • add finely chopped orange and lemon zest and their juice;
  • pour it all with sugar;
  • spices and chopped ginger fall asleep;
  • if the mass is thick, then half a glass of water is still poured into it;
  • dessert is cooked with stirring until the desired consistency (0.5 hours - an hour).

The jam is clogged in sterile jars.

The benefits of carrot jam

It is widely believed that boiled vegetables are not as useful as fresh. After all, vitamins are almost lost during heat treatment. But in carrots there are a number of important substances, the content of which increases significantly during cooking:

  • alpha and beta-carotenes - antioxidants that prevent the aging of the body becomes 14% more;
  • the amount of lutein needed for the retina increases by 11%.

Tips & Tricks

Harvesting carrot jam is a simple process, but In this case, there are some subtleties that are worth paying attention to:

  1. So that the carrots do not change color, a thin layer of the skin must be scraped off with a sharp knife.
  2. To peeled vegetables do not fade, they should be (no more than three hours) in a dry bowl, covered with a damp cloth.
  3. In order to better preserve vitamins in the root crop, they must be immersed in boiling water and boiled in a sealed container.
  4. Cooking utensils should be sized so that the vegetables fill it almost completely.

Terms and rules of storage of carrot jam

Carrot jam under a nylon cover or covered with thick paper should only be stored until the next season. Dessert rolled up with a metal lid can be stored longer. But it’s better to plan the number of blanks so that they can be used until the next summer: the taste of preservation from long-term storage can change, and the nutrients in it become smaller over time.

You need to keep jam in a dark place - a closet, basement, etc. So that it does not suffer from moisture, which may be in the cellar, containers with dessert need to be lubricated with a thin layer of oil on top.

So that the jam is not sugared, does not change the consistency, the temperature in the store should be constant. Its permissible limits can be considered 0 - 20 degrees. To quickly find the right jar, each of them should have a corresponding label.

You may also be interested in an article in which we talk about the features of making dandelion jam.

Tips from the hostesses

Many housewives love to surprise their loved ones and friends with carrot jam. According to them, carrots are a vegetable with unlimited possibilities for preparing unusual and delicious desserts. Here are some ideas for copyright recipes:

  1. 2 parts cherries, 1 part carrots and 1.5 parts sugar. Sprinkle the pitted cherries with sugar and let it empty the juice. Then boil the mass a little until sugar is completely dissolved. Add finely chopped carrots to the resulting product and continue the cooking process for another 5 minutes. To get a ready-made dessert, you need three more of these five minutes.
  2. Tasty jam is obtained from equal amounts of carrots and sugar with the addition of a third of the volume of apple or sea buckthorn juice.
  3. You can make an unusual layer of carrots for cakes and pancakes. At the same time, to the grated carrots (0.5 kg), the zest of one lemon and orange, a glass of sugar and 20 g of ginger mixed with a glass of water, at the end of cooking a bag of gelling composition is added ("Zhelfiks", "Zheleika"). The resulting product is rolled up in sterile jars.

Carrot Jam with Cinnamon

If you have already tried aromatic and unusual carrot jam, then you probably want to make it in a new version. Indeed, for this you do not need to wait for the summer. Carrots for sale all year round. And if you did not know that you can make dessert from it, then rather please yourself and your loved ones with this delicious and unusual treat.