Cabbage "Aggressor f1" - a high-yielding hybrid form

Cabbage "Aggressor f1" - a high-yielding hybrid form

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Cabbage "Aggressor f1" from the originator "Syngenta" is recommended for fresh use, for pickling and short-term storage. The hybrid form is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the Central Region.

Description and advantages of the variety

White cabbage under the very unusual name "Aggressor" forms dense, round-flat or head-headed cabbages. The average weight of one head of cabbage at the stage of technical ripeness is about 3.3-3.5 kg. In conditions of high agricultural technology and under optimal soil and climatic conditions individual specimens can reach a mass of five kilograms. Heads of cabbage have a fine internal structure with an attractive whitish color. Subject to cultivation technology, the average yield is 95-105 t / ha.

The hybrid form of this vegetable crop is characterized by significant growth power. It is allowed to grow on household plots and garden plots both in seedlings and seedlings, involving the sowing of prepared seeds directly on ridges in open ground. When cultivated using the seedling method, planting density is about 300-350 plants for each garden weave.

The optimal age of the seedlings of this vegetable crop for planting in open ground is about a month or a half. The hybrid form compares favorably with high seed germination rates. Subject to the technology of sowing, germination is at least 95-97%. INthe output of marketable products is not lower than 92%.

Scheme and timing of fertilizer application

Cabbage seedlings must be fed before planting in a permanent place. For this purpose, it is desirable to use humate solutions or ready-made mineral fertilizers, including "Agricola" and Kemir. Phosphoric and potassium fertilizers are recommended to be applied in the fall, under deep digging of the site.

In the spring, under cabbage, you need to make azofoska or nitroammophoska at the rate of 3-5 g for each square meter of the landing area. It should be remembered that high-yielding cabbage grows very well and is gaining mass on horse manure.

Hybrid "Aggressor" refers to highly productive, so when growing should pay special attention to meeting the deadlines and norms for fertilizing at all stages of the active vegetation of vegetable crops.

If white cabbage is poorly gaining weight and is lagging behind in development, then three weeks after planting in the open ground, it is recommended to fertilize the vegetable culture with a fermented mullein solution. The second time you need to feed cabbage a month after planting. You can use both ready-made complex fertilizers and organics in the form of a solution of bird droppings with the addition of wood ash.

Pest protection

There are diseases and pests of cabbage that can significantly reduce the yield of such crops as white cabbage of the "Aggressorf1" variety. In addition to observing crop rotation, preventive spraying of plants with modern insecticides and fungicidal preparations, including colloidal sulfur and karbofos solution, should be carried out. Decoctions and infusions of tomato or potato tops with the addition of chopped garlic or onion husks have good results.

Reviews of vegetable growers

The variety was bred by famous Dutch breeders relatively recently, but has already managed to earn popularity and attention of a large number of gardeners. The hybrid "Aggressor f1" is very much appreciated by domestic vegetable growers for stable yield indicators, high yield of marketable products, excellent taste and the resistance of the vegetable crop to the defeat of Fusarium wilting.

Hybrid reviews are very positive. The description of the variety implies compliance with all the requirements for hybrid salting molds. From mass seedlings to harvesting heads of cabbage at the stage of technical maturity, approximately four months pass.

Cabbage "Aggressor f1": features of the variety

Amateur vegetable growers who grow this hybrid form in home gardens have a great opportunity to sell fresh vegetable products, as well as the use of heads of cabbage for processing and storage for at least five months.