Potato "Ugra": a promising Ural variety

Potato "Ugra": a promising Ural variety

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Potato "Ugra" was recently bred at Ugra National University. This variety is still very young by the standards of vegetable crops, and therefore, to date, it has not yet received recommendations for cultivation in Russian regions.

Grade characteristics

Potatoes from the Russian selection "Ugra" are mid-season. To interest farmers, breeders worked on the creation of this unusual variety for almost ten years. As a result, a productive potato with a red peel covering the yellow flesh was obtained, characterized, according to the description, by an excellent taste. The eyes are very small and superficial, facilitating the process of cleaning the tuber.

The variety is very resistant to cancer, as well as a golden cyst-forming potato nematode, which has received widespread in recent years in many regions. In addition, potatoes have medium resistance to late blight, which is very important when growing this crop in most regions of our country. The declared yield in optimal conditions and subject to agricultural technology is 40 t / ha.

Planting potatoes

The potato harvest will be high and high quality, if the correct and timely preparation of planting material, as well as competent landing made:

  • a few days before planting, potatoes should be removed from the place of winter storage and placed in a well-lit place at a temperature not lower than + 10 ° С;
  • tubers must be treated against most pathogens using a solution based on copper sulfate with the addition of boric acid and potassium permanganate;
  • a good result is observed when using potato tubers for treatment before planting stimulating preparations obtained from organic substances, as well as as a result of using a solution of Gibberellin or Heteroauxin;

  • planting is carried out only with sufficient heating of the soil to a depth of at least half a bayonet bayonet;
  • to deepen the planting tubers should be at the same distance from the surface, since only the uniform germination of mid-season potatoes contributes to the successful implementation of the entire range of care work and ensures a good, high-quality crop;
  • on thick soils, the standard potato planting depth can be about 5-8 cm, and on lighter soils it can vary from 5 to 10 cm.

There are various schemes for planting potatoes, but the most popular is the time-tested ordinary method - 70 × 30 cm with the arrangement of rows from north to south.

Care Features

Potato "Ugra" is quite simple to grow, especially in the region of its cultivation and in the northern regions, where there is a long daylight hours and there is almost no risk of damage to plantings by the Colorado potato beetle.

The basic rules for caring for potatoes of this variety are as follows:

  1. Potato care should begin with a small loosening of the soil with a rake before the first seedlings appear, about a week after planting. Loosening is carried out in a diagonal direction to the potato rows.
  2. It is necessary to carry out earthing up regularly, that is, powdering the base of the stems with loosened soil, which allows weeds to be removed from planting and saturates the soil with oxygen necessary for plants. Potatoes can be spud both manually and mechanically.
  3. Using a drip irrigation system for potatoes allows for optimal irrigation at all stages of the development of a vegetable crop and significantly reduces labor costs for caring for potato plantings.
  4. Fertilizers for potatoes are recommended to be applied regardless of how fertilized the soil was during the autumn digging. For feeding, it is advisable to use high-quality humus or rotted litter manure.
  5. To protect potatoes from diseases and pests, one should not only pay attention to preventive measures, but also increase the viability of plants, observing the regime of care.

After harvesting, all dug up potato tubers must be dried in a shaded place for ten days, and then kept in a cool place for a couple of weeks, and only after that the crop will be ready for laying for long-term storage.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Reviews about the taste of tubers diverge. The starch content in the potato pulp is quite low, and the tubers are not cooked, but are semi-crumbly, which is not liked by many consumers who prefer highly starchy varieties of potatoes.

How to spud potatoes

As for the characteristics of the plant, Yugra potatoes really confirm in practice the drought resistance and heat resistance stated in the description, and also are not affected by the potato nematode. Potatoes of this variety can be safely attributed to very promising, especially for vegetable growing in the northern regions of our country.


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