Tomatoes "Rapunzel": characteristics of the variety and planting rules

Tomatoes "Rapunzel": characteristics of the variety and planting rules

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Tomato Rapunzel, or Tomato Rapunzel, was bred in 2015, and now its seeds are difficult to find in stores or garden centers.

Description of the Rapunzel variety

A striking feature of this hybrid tomato is the formation of very long cascade-like brushes that resemble the braids of the fairy-tale heroine Rapunzel. On each brush, about forty bright red miniature cherry-type tomatoes are very compact and neatly arranged. The new variety is one of the indeterminate and is perfect for cultivation in balcony boxes or containers on window sills. The ripening period of tomatoes is only 75 days.

Planting tomatoes: where to buy seed, price, how to plant

Recently, cherry tomatoes have gained great popularity among many gardeners: their cultivation has become almost universal. The technology for planting these tomatoes is almost the same as in the case of large-fruited varieties.

From mid-March to early April, seeds are sown, quite small, which should be pre-treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate to protect against diseases. Then the seeds are sown on the surface of the seedlings filled with seedlings and abundantly moistened with nutrient soil. Sprinkle them with a layer of the same nutrient soil with a thickness of not more than 4 mm.

Properly sown seeds germinate after a week, but the timing may vary depending on growing conditions and the quality of the seed. In order for the seeds to give friendly and early seedlings, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime of +25 ° C and maintain lighting 12 hours a day. After emergence, the seedlings should be moved to a well-lit place with a temperature of +20 ° C.

If there are 3 true leaflets on plants, dive tomato seedlings into separate planting containers. Initial care for dive plants is regular watering, the intensity of which depends on the state of the soil, as well as observing the temperature regime and the duration of daylight hours.

How to plant tomatoes for seedlings

Features of growing at home

Varieties and hybrids of cherry tomatoes can be determinant, semi-determinant, indeterminate. "Rapunzel" refers to the category of indeterminate, that is, tall. Such plants have some features of cultivation and care.

Tomatoes of this variety are suitable both for open ground, and for greenhouses and balconies. When transplanting them to a permanent place, the depth of the planting holes should be controlled: it should be about 10 cm. When conducting work, it is desirable to minimize injury to the root system of the seedling. Next to each planted tomato bush, it is necessary to establish a sufficiently high and strong support, since indeterminate tomatoes have unlimited growth.

Growing and Care Rules

To form a quality crop, tomatoes of this variety require a full range of care measures:

  • Fertilizing plants every 2 weeks with diluted slurry or manure in a ratio of 1:10.
  • The introduction of special complex fertilizers that are bred and applied in accordance with the attached instructions.
  • Formation of the plant in 1-2 stems with the constant removal of stepsons.
  • Watering as the soil mixture dries in tanks.
  • Carefully fixing on the support of the growing stem throughout the entire growing season.
  • Conducting for the entire growing period several preventive sprayings with Bordeaux liquid, as well as regular spraying of the aerial parts of the bushes with onion-garlic infusion with the addition of soap.
  • Harvesting fruits as they ripen.

Other tomato varieties to grow on the balcony

As a rule, lovers of small tomatoes grow cherry, pink, yellow, red and even black varieties on the balcony or loggia. However, there are other, no less worthy varieties:

Grade nameRipening periodGrade characteristicsFruit color / weightProductivity
"Secret Tim"Early ripening gradeUndersized. The first inflorescence is formed at the level of 5-6 leaves.Bright red / not more than 20 g.At least 0.5 kg per bush.
MinibelEarly ripening gradeUndersized. The first inflorescence is formed at the level of 5-6 leaves.Bright red / not more than 20 g.At least 0.5 kg per bush.
Florida PetitEarly ripening gradeUndersized. The first inflorescence is formed at the level of 5-6 leaves.Bright red / not more than 20 g.At least 0.5 kg from each bush
"Angelica"Very earlySrednerosly, the first inflorescence is formed at the level of 7-8 leaves.Deep red / 40-70 g.About 3.0-3.6 kg / sq.m
"Pearl"Early ripening gradeUndersized. The first inflorescence is formed at the level of 5-6 leaves.Pink with pearl shimmer / 10-20 g.About 3.0-3.6 kg / sq.m

For many gardeners, Rapunzel tomato is very desirable, and they are ready to grow it in their personal plots and in the patio containers. However, in Russia the seeds of this variety are not yet sold. But, perhaps, some of the Russian suppliers will add them to their assortment in the near future.

Cherry tomatoes: benefits and harms


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