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Strawberry "Carmen": a very productive variety from the Czech selection

Strawberry "Carmen": a very productive variety from the Czech selection

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Strawberry, or garden strawberry, "Carmen" was bred in Czechoslovakia, it belongs to medium-late and very productive varieties. Since 2001, garden strawberries passed the variety test at AOZT Skreblovo and fully confirmed their quality characteristics, as well as the description given by the originator of the variety. In addition, the high qualities of winter hardiness and sufficient resistance to damage by major diseases can be attributed to the positive qualities of this garden strawberry.

Grade characteristics

Strawberries, or garden strawberries, varieties "Carmen" has a very powerful, vigorous, upright, densely leafy shrubs with large, dark green leaves. There is a bordering of leaves with sharp teeth. Peduncles are quite thick. Compact inflorescences are formed, which are located at the level of the leaves or just below the foliage.

The berries of the first harvest are very large, weighing at least 38-40 g, blunt, dark red, shiny and beautiful. The average mass of berries of mass collection is about 15-17 g. The berry pulp is dark red in color, juicy and relatively dense, with a good sweet and sour taste. Productivity is stable and high.

How to plant wild strawberries

Landing requirements

For the seedlings of strawberries of the Carmen variety, it is necessary to allocate the brightest area, well protected from gusts of wind. The cultivation area should have cultivated, loose and breathable soil, completely cleared of weeds, without stagnation of water.

The best soils for growing garden strawberries are loamy soils. In the presence of clay or sandy soils, they are cultivated using humus or peat. The optimal soil acidity for strawberries is pH 5.0-6.0. Acidic soil must be liming, and peat or gypsum must be added to alkaline soil.

For the cultivation of garden strawberries, it is very important to correctly preplant the top arable soil layer using deep digging and applying organic as well as basic mineral fertilizers. It is advisable to apply fertilizers no later than two months before planting strawberries.

When cultivating a variety from seed, sowing should be carried out in February or March, which will allow to obtain high-quality seedlings by the time of the main timing of planting plants in open ground. It is recommended to plant garden strawberries in the territory of central Russia from mid-May to the first decade of September. Immediately after planting, strawberries should be watered at the rate of one bucket of warm clean water for 15-20 planted plants.

Care Features

Strawberries called "Carmen" are very responsive to proper and timely care, which consists in the following activities:

  • the first time after planting, strawberry plants are in great need of regular watering, and the optimal solution for irrigating garden strawberries is to use a sprinkler or drip irrigation system;
  • at the stage of mass extension of peduncles, in order to increase their quantity and quality, plant nutrition is carried out with microelements and a solution of boric acid;
  • weeding strawberry ridges is best after watering or rain, while simultaneously loosening the soil.

The maximum yields of garden strawberries are observed in the second or third year after planting, and after five years, the yield is significantly reduced, so the old plantings are replaced with new ones. It is better to carry out planting updates on garden strawberries, or strawberries, in August-September, which will allow plants to take root and take root in a new place before the onset of cold weather. Under garden strawberries, complex mineral fertilizers should be applied at the rate of 25-30 g per square meter.

Gardeners reviews

Garden strawberry "Carmen" refers to dessert varieties. The berry ripens very sweet and tender, in taste superior to many other varieties of garden strawberries. For most gardeners in our country, "Carmen" is a fairly new variety, which, according to reviews, has unusually beautiful, large and attractive berry-capsules, sometimes scallops, with powerful foliage characterized by deeply rugged leaf edges.

How to deal with slugs without chemistry

Ripe berry is very fragrant and sweet. With proper and regular care in conditions of high agricultural technology, it is possible to obtain about 1 kg of ripe and juicy berries from each strawberry bush of this variety per season. The main diseases of this variety of strawberry are affected quite rarely and weakly. It should be noted that, according to most gardeners, Carmen strawberries have an average winter hardiness and need shelter for the winter.