Strawberry "Florence": features of growing English varieties

Strawberry "Florence": features of growing English varieties

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Strawberry "Florence", or garden strawberry "Florence", is a high-yielding and late-ripening variety of English selection. The relatively new Florence strawberry variety was bred at a test station in the UK, in East Molling, just under twenty years ago. Obtained as a result of crossing a parental pair represented by very popular varieties of garden strawberries “Vima-Tarda” and “Vicoda”.

Grade characteristics

Strawberries of the Florence variety form powerful, but not sprawling plants that form a large number of whiskers. The berries are large and beautiful. The average weight of marketable berries of this variety reaches 35 g. Berries have the correct conical shape and intense red color of the surface.

The variety is characterized by low sensitivity to diseases of the root system and is rarely affected by powdery mildew. Variety of garden strawberries “Florence” very abundantly bears fruit without a decrease in yield indicators for at least five years, which allows updating berry plantings quite rarely.

Strawberries: varieties and varieties

Landing requirements

Garden strawberries called "Florence" are relatively demanding on soil and climatic conditions when grown, and Landing is carried out according to standard technology:

  • the soil should be neutral or slightly acidic, as well as sufficiently fertile, light and breathable;
  • to deoxidize the soil, 300-400 g of dolomite flour or calcium carbonate per square meter is applied superficially, and then the soil is carefully and deeply dug up;
  • manual measures should be taken to destroy all weeds on the site or to use continuous action herbicides, which is especially important in large planting areas;

  • approximately one and a half months prior to planting, it is required to dig the soil to the depth of the bayonet of the shovel, adding organic fertilizer to the soil, at least 6 kg per square meter;
  • to improve the quality of the soil on the site, it is necessary to introduce fertilizer in the form of humus or compost, which allows to make the soil better and loose;
  • planting holes should be sized corresponding to the volume of the root system of the plants, and also plentifully moistened with warm water.

Plant strawberry bushes in spring or early summer, preferably in cloudy or rainy weather. Landing is carried out according to the scheme, between the rows you need to withstand 20-30 cm. Strawberry bushes should be planted along the root neck, without filling the soil with the central kidney or heart.

Care Features

In garden strawberries, the root system is at the surface level of the soil, so basic care involves watering, fertilizing and loosening. Strawberries of the Florence variety need good care, which consists in the following activities:

  • in the spring, from the plantings of garden strawberries with a fan rake, you should rake up all the garbage, the old mulch layer and weed the ridges with subsequent careful loosening of the soil;
  • the first year after planting, until flowers and ovaries form on strawberry bushes, it is best to water the plants by sprinkling;
  • in the second year after planting garden strawberries and in the first year of fruiting, watering is carried out at the root, and it is also necessary to make humus or compost, three kilograms per square meter;

  • Experienced gardeners recommend watering plants from a watering can with a diffuser directly on the leaves before the flowers appear, and then watering strawberries twice a month throughout August and September, and in October it is necessary to make high-quality water-charging irrigation of strawberry plantings;
  • to protect plants from various diseases, you can use a solution of phytosporin for irrigation twice a month with a flow rate of about 4 liters per square meter;
  • strawberry aisles should be thoroughly loosened throughout the season, while near strawberry bushes it is necessary to loosen shallow;
  • picking strawberries is recommended as they mature, in warm and dry weather, if possible in the afternoon.

As soon as the strawberries ceased to form a crop, you can proceed to the processing of berry bushes, including the removal of dried and old leaves, as well as shelter for the winter.

How to plant strawberry seeds

Gardeners reviews

Judging by the numerous reviews of gardeners, strawberries “Florence” fully comply with the description of the variety given by the originator. The variety, indeed, forms a sufficient number of mustaches and winters very well in most regions of our country. Strawberries have a very pleasant strawberry aroma and excellent taste, dense pulp and peel. Berries can be stored for a long time. In addition, there is a fairly good resistance to heart rot and verticillin wilt, which reduces processing costs and improves the environmental friendliness of the resulting crop.


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