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What to do if a shell has flown off an egg in an incubator

What to do if a shell has flown off an egg in an incubator

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Friends, a testicle pecked, a penny-sized shell flew off, I looked at the testicle, and the little membrane was moving, what should I do?


The first time, I hope to take birth at night)

Nothing 🙂 wait.

Do nothing, he will get out. Do not try to speed up this process.

But do not tell me how long it takes from biting to hatching?

Hatch until morning.

Eggs under a crust or in an incubator?

In the incubator

I want a quote but I don’t know who to buy from (

If for a long time it does not penetrate the prisoner to a point, carefully pierce with something so that it does not suffocate. And do not touch the shell. A strong, healthy chicken hatches without help. Unfortunately, this process is not so fast and stretches to hours. So you have a sleepless night today. Good luck, easy, prosperous childbirth

Thank you, I will watch)

Anya, how are you, is everything all right?